Pyramid Pet Products was founded with a simple goal, produce the healthiest pet food.
We saw companies using inferior ingredients, putting profits over the health of pets and felt that we should formulate a healthy, nutritious diet that would include only the finest ingredients. Our approach is to combine modern nutritional knowledge and old world philosophy to create Tuscan Natural, the healthiest pet food.

Pyramid Pet Products utilizes ingredients from the pet food pyramid to balance our fresh meats, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, oils and added vitamins and minerals.
The Story:
While formulating diets we took a research trip to Italy. While having dinner in Florence we were discussing how well the Italians lived. They balanced work and play, family and friends, exercise and fine dining.

While discussing this, our waiter brought fresh bread and Olive Oil. The conversation turned to Olive Oil and how the Italian diet centers around eating and cooking with Olive Oil. We all agreed Olive Oil is a wonderful oil with too many health benefits to list. An Idea Was Born – why not Olive Oil in our pet’s diets as well.

When we came home we began researching why other pet foods didn’t use Olive Oil, we found that others preferred to use cheaper polyunsaturated fats. It seems Olive Oil is expensive and cut into the profits of the other manufacturers.

  Pyramid Pet Products made a conscience decision to use only monounsaturated fats with Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a key ingredient. This “Mediterranean Miracle” aids in healthy cardiovascular maintenance, is a wonderful source of antioxidants and tastes great as well. Olive Oil has been shown to reduce the risk of cancer and is beneficial in preventing and controlling diabetes. Tuscan Natural recipes contain fresh meats, whole grains, healthy monounsaturated fats, wholesome fruits and vegetables, vitamins, minerals, and probiotics to aid in healthy digestion.
True to our word – “ Old World Nutrition for New World Needs.”
  Why Olive Oil?