Tuscan Natural Carne Grain Free Recipe for Cats and Kittens
Cats are strict Carnivores – they need meat. For those that want a diet more closely related to what a cat would eat in the wild with the convenience of a dry kibble, Pyramid Pet Products has developed Tuscan Natural Carne Grain Free Recipe. This high protein diet uses meat protein from multiple sources such as high quality Turkey, Chicken, and Herring Meal while removing the grains commonly found in other diets.

Fruits and Vegetables such as Apples, Carrots, and Alfalfa are added with the addition of the superfoods Pumpkin, Tomatoes, and Cranberries. Each bringing a nutritional powerhouse to our recipes.Of course all Tuscan Natural Recipes include our Nutrient Rich Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Prebiotics and Probiotics assist in the healthy utilization of all of these vital ingredients. Tuscan Natural Carne Grain Free Recipe – for the meat eater in your family.