Lupe, a Xoloitzcuintle with food allergies, had to be cooked for. That was labor intensive. Well, Tuscan Simply Pure Lamb and Rice is the only hard food that she can eat because it is the only one without chicken, fish, peas, potato, alfalfa, eggs, and other supposed healthy foods. With such a simple ingredient list, it is the only one she can digest.



Loki is my 2 year old English Mastiff.
He had a rough start in life because unknown to me; he had food allergies. For the last year and a half, Loki was always underweight and never grew as fast as an English Mastiff should. We had daily struggles forcing him to eat anything.
I struggled with different brands of pre-packaged foods and even made my own recipe. He is one of the pickiest dogs I have ever seen; he doesn’t just dislike most dog foods, but would rather starve than eat them. Nothing worked. I will even admit to spoon feeding him as I felt he was wasting away.
One day, I woke to Loki covered in hives. I brought him to the vet where they discovered that he was allergic to dairy and gluten. After a few shots and a strict daily diet of a special food Loki began to eat. However, this new food was only 14% protein and Loki was starving. I began researching foods and came across your Carne Grain Free dog food.
WOW! What a difference your dog food has made, not only for me, but for Loki, who requires a high-protein food. Loki and I love your dog food. He is putting on weight and catching up because he now has a super happy tummy. He seriously loves the taste, and dinner is now a happy time for the first time in his life! Thank you so much!



His name is Mallow (like marshmallow), and he loves your food; he wags his tail while he eats. It's so cute to watch him run to the kitchen and sit patiently by his bowl waiting for his meals.



This is Saami, our 7 month old Golden. She is a beautiful dog, an easy puppy – except for a very bad habit she had. We called her the “Turd Burgler” – she ate poop. We tried putting Forbid, pineapple and meat tenderizer on her food as the vet suggested. She quit eating her own poop and searched out well seasoned piles left in the woods from our deceased Golden. A nasty habit. After lots of research we decided to try a different dog food, one with less fiber. (She wasn’t wild about her old food anyway – always seemed to be on the prowl for treats even though she still had food left in her bowl.) She has been on Tuscan brand puppy food for the past two weeks and since her first meal has been noticeably satisfied when she is done. Her hunt for that little extra (as in poop) to add to her diet has stopped. Funny that she eats less, 3 cups Tuscan compared to 5 cups of the other brand, but is content with that portion. Thank you for a great product – and Saami’s fresh breath.

Barb and Gary


My Aussie puppy is being raised exclusively on your Carne grain-free recipe and I’m delighted with the results! Brought your dietary analysis with me to his first puppy check. Our veterinarian liked what she read and told me it was an excellent choice. I highly recommend Carne as a puppy food. Darrin’s always having fun and is so athletic, his coat is amazingly soft and shiny; and at 6 months of age, he couldn’t be healthier. In this important time of development, I wanted to get his nutrition right and not wonder if he’d reached his potential. I’m sold!



Thank you, thank you, thank you for developing this wonderful dog food. I am the owner of an eight year old black Labrador retriever (Vinnie) who I raised as a puppy for Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Rafael, California. Unfortunately, he did not make it through their rigorous training and I had the pleasure of having him offered back to me. My entire family and I were thrilled because he is a wonderful dog. However, we have struggled with his digestive system over the years and have purchased only what we thought was the very best dog food available (Brand X).

When we first started feeding him Brand X years ago, he did seem to have fewer problems with vomiting and his coat looked healthier. He was neutered at a very young age (prior to my taking him to be raised so probably around 7 weeks old – isn’t that awful?) and has had to fight his weight all his life. Months ago I started noticing him “aging”. No energy, more vomiting, dull coat….the list is sad. When talking with the folks at my local pet supply store about my Vinnie they recommended I try Tuscan Natural. In fact, they gave me a small bag for free! By the time I was half of the way through this small bag the difference in Vinnie was amazing. He has much more energy, zippo vomiting (hooray!), his coat is black and silky again, and I believe he has shed a few pounds too!!!

I have also "LIKE"d you on Facebook and wrote a recommendation there too. Please keep up your wonderful recipes. I will do my best to spread the word about your terrific products.

Miriam and Vinnie


We are currently fostering Big Boo Boo as he is unadoptable at this point. We will adopt him as soon as he gets a clean bill of health from his oral surgeon in Illinois. Big Boo Boo has been through a lot in his short life.

He was found last April with a baseball size abscess on his side and a broken tail. He was brought in by a rescue group where they fixed him up so he could be adopted. This past December he was diagnosed with Stomatitis, an oral disease that is extremely painful for cats. He had stopped eating for a week and they took him to the best oral surgeon in the country. On December 3rd, Big Boo Boo had a full mouth extraction
. He was on “Brand X” when we brought him home, the only thing he would eat at the time and he will ONLY eat dry food (even without teeth).

Since I work at an all natural pet food store, I have a lot of different samples to bring home. When our store was given samples of Tuscan Natural cat food, I was excited to try it with my cats (I have 3). The other cats ate it right away and Big Boo Boo would smell it and walk away for the first couple of days. Then all of sudden I caught him eating it out of the other cats’ dish. Now, that's all he wants to eat. Big Boo Boo's coat has changed even after having Tuscan Natural for only a week. I can't wait to see what happens after a month of great food!

Thanks again, ~Lori


I have a 3yr old German Shepherd (Jake) who has been eating your formula now for 3 months. We tried several other "premium" brands at several times the price, but they didn't work as well as Tuscan Natural Carne Grain Free Recipe. This is the only brand of dog food that solves his digestion issues without causing massive amounts of gas and/or diarrhea. We've even recommended the product to others we know with shepherds.

Thank you for your time and a great product. ~Teryl



I wanted to email you to say I am now buying your Simply Pure Lamb Recipe dog food because of the change I have found in my dogs. It agrees with them, they love the taste, and their coats are looking great. I have a 100lb Boxer and an 85lb Coonhound. My boxer is already losing her “carb gut” and her coat is much more beautiful. I included a picture, hope you don’t mind she is 100 lbs and is trying to get her “girlish” figure back!

Thank You ~Kathy


I manage a Pet Store that sells Tuscan Natural Pet Foods. A customer came in today to buy another bag of Harvest Recipe Puppy Food. He brought in the attached picture of two puppies he just adopted. Both dogs were from the same litter. The puppy on the left was the first puppy adopted and three weeks later he returned for another one. The breeder was feeding both dogs “Brand X” puppy food. The first puppy has been eating the Tuscan Natural Puppy recipe since he was adopted three weeks ago. Looks like the little guy on the right who didn’t get Tuscan Natural Puppy recipe has a little catching up to do.

Thanks for the Great Pet Food ~Rick


Thanks Tuscan Natural for putting a Wag Back into an old dogs tail! We thought our 12 year old golden retriever’s days were numbered until we started feeding Tuscan Natural Carne Grain Fee Dog Food!

Winter are harsh here in Northern Nevada and this was shaping up to be Riley’s last. He was becoming very thin and frail and lacked energy as he grew older. Tuscan Natural Carne changed all that! Surprisingly, after just a few weeks on Carne, Riley began to gain weight. And now just a few months later, he looks great - - sure there’s still some white hair, but he’s back to a perfect weight, is thriving and having fun like a golden should! Goodbye “Brand X”! ~Jay and Tina (and Riley)