I am having trouble with my Portuguese Water Dog, Echo. She has a stool issue. It is formed, but soft, also oddly shiny, and when I pick it up (in a poop bag on our walks) it is very mushy. I can't seem to find a food that will firm things up for her. She is currently on “Brand X”. Since she's my walking buddy, it's been very unpleasant having to pick up after her! Sorry to have such a yucky subject but it is becoming a very ooky chore!

Follow up after recommending Simply Pure Lamb Meal Recipe:

Hi Stan, thanks for the reply. After I emailed you, I realized I had a few samples of the Simply Pure Lamb/Rice food from my local pet supply store. So the next meal I switched her right over. It's been 2 days that she's been eating it and PERFECT STOOL now! I am so tickled that she is digesting it well. Thanks again! ~T


Several months ago Rxx Oxxxx, owner of Rxxxxxxx’s Feed Store, asked me if I would participate in feeding a new pet food. I own both dogs and cats but decided to only change my cat food. I did this by blending the product I was using, “Brand X”, with Tuscan Natural. After that I went 100% Tuscan Natural. The transition went smoothly. My cats have not had any digestion problems and their coats are shiny.

I have always believed in feeding high quality food to maintain good health. I am changing to Tuscan Natural.

I am the Director of a local animal rescue group and will recommend your product.

Thank You ~ Nancy


Hello, I switched my two dogs over to the Harvest Turkey and Chicken, and while I was mixing “Brand X” in with the Tuscan to ease into switching foods, both of them picked through their bowls to eat eat the Tuscan first! They Love it!
Thanks for the great food! ~Terri

Dear friends at Pyramid Pet Products,
Thank you for all your help in raising and keeping my pets healthy. In December of 2010 I tried a bag of Tuscan Natural. Mind you, that my dogs have always eaten a premium dog food, as my husband says the dogs and cat eat better than we do! After only a few days I noticed that the fur on both dogs felt silkier, they gobbled it up, almost too fast as the bites are small.

Hartley the Aussie used to have a lot of matting around the ears and collar, the brushing became a lot easier as there were not as many mats and his ears did not smell! Hazel just a puppy, thrived. neither dog had problems with the switch, in fact less was left behind. I realized what a great food Tuscan is. All in all you have a wonderful product. Thank you for keeping our four footed family healthy. ~Lesley

I just began using your Tuscan Natural brand of dog food and my pet loves it!

Thanks ~Tom